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Ballet Studio

Fall 2024 Class Schedule

August 12 - December 9

Ballet Schedule Fall 2024 (2).png

Creative Movement: 3-5 years old

Pre-Ballet: 5-6 years old

Ballet 1: 7+ years old

Ballet 2 and higher: 

The Studio Director's approval is required to participate in Ballet 2 and above. Students will progress to the next level when they have mastered the vocabulary and physical understanding required in the syllabus of their current level.

If you are a new dancer or have questions about what class your student should take, please contact Ellie Hughes ( to inquire about placement before registering. Older students will be asked to take a placement class or meet the Studio Director prior to the semester beginning. 


  • Creative Movement through Ballet 1 Technique: One Class Per Week

  • Ballet 2 and Ballet 3 Technique: Two Classes Per Week

  • Ballet 4 and Ballet 5 Technique:  Minimum of Two Classes Per Week

  • Dancers en pointe are required to take at least one technique class in addition to their pointe class

Fall 2024 Payment Schedule

August 12 - December 9

Payment Plans: 4 monthly installments payments due in August, September, October, and November

Registration takes place through Sawyer. If you register for more than one class per week, your cart will update during the checkout process with an automatic discount. This is a new process for us, so if something does not look quite right, please reach out to the Studio Director, Ellie Hughes (

Class Attire


  • Leotard: black

    • Younger dancers (option 1, option 2)

    • Older Dancers: Any black leotard is acceptable as long as the neckline is appropriate and the correct undergarments are worn.

  • Tights: flesh-toned (option 1option 2)

  •  Ballet shoes:

    • Shoes should be the dancer's skin tone

    • Creative Movement, Pre-Ballet, and Ballet 1 should have full-soled, leather shoes (option 1option 2)

    • Ballet 2 and above can wear split-soled shoes in either leather or canvas (option 1option 2option 3option 4)

  • Skirts: Only Ballet 2 and above are allowed to wear a skirt

    • Ballet 2: black skirt

    • Ballet 3: any colored skirt

  • Hair should be secured completely into a ballet bun. If the dancer's hair is too short for a bun, please make sure it is pulled out of their face. (bun tutorial for long, short, and natural textured hair) *note: hair nets are recommended, not required



  • Solid T-shirt: black or white

  • Sweatpants or Jazz pants: black (option)

  • Ballet shoes: black (option)


Clement Arts Showcase 2024

This year, all Clement Arts classes are invited to participate in a Showcase featuring a Visual Arts gallery and reception and a performing arts recital. We hope to celebrate the hard work and achievement of each of our students. 

Date: Saturday, December 14th

Performance Cost: $50

More details to follow.  

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