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HOPE Foster Care knows that many obstacles can come between you and your foster parent license, so they are paving an easier path!
HOPE is eliminating obstacles by coming directly to you through Mobile IMPACT. Learn more about this opportunity exclusive to our area.

Clement Arts is excited to announce Christal Gavin as our new Clement Care Director beginning August 2019. Learn more about Christal, her family, and what she brings to her new role with Clement Arts.

Leigh is a birth mother who entrusted her son, Harris, to his parents 3 years ago through private infant adoption. She graciously opened up about parts of her adoption journey in hopes that others would be encouraged, educated, and prompted to show grace to members of every part of the adoption triad (adoptive parent, child, birth parent).

If you ever have fostered or know someone who has fostered, you may know that foster care cases often take a lengthy period of time before children are able to achieve permanency. You may also know by now that each foster care case is different. Here are a few reasons why...

The most common question for those presented with foster parenting is "why should I do it?" Why should I bring kids into my home only to have them leave, leaving my family heartbroken? Why should I bring children into my home that come with baggage and trauma? While these are all valid questions that one should certainly think through, here are 2 important reasons for fostering to know as you consider your next steps.

School’s out for summer, which means Clement Kids Summer Camps begin soon! We’re looking forward to a summer full of art, ballet, and drama - and we hope you are too! Learn more about our summer camps for 2019.

If someone would have asked me to define “orphan care” several years ago, I would have responded with one word. At that time in my life, it was easy to draw a straight line to the one thing that seemed like the obvious and only answer to the orphan care crisis: adoption. However, I’ve come to learn that there is so much more to orphan care than the one crucial piece of the puzzle found in adoption. For me, insight came by expanding my understanding of what it means to be an orphan.

Mark & Christal Gavin are foster parents who were served by Christ Community Church's "Empowered to Foster" ministry. Watch an amazing video of the empowerment that wrap around care from their church community gave them to foster well and impact their foster children's lives forever. Hear from CCC's foster advocate, Misty Faircloth, as we discuss the Gavin foster story and the impact of church members being willing to serve in foster ministry.

We asked a few of our Clement Kids parents and class instructors to share their experiences with us. We love their responses and the impact the Clement Kids program is making in the lives of children! Read the Q&A below to hear what they had to say.

Learn more about the impact Clement Arts is having, why your partnership matters, and the great prizes we're giving away all throughout the month of May!

Clement Arts is blessed to have talented and caring art teachers such as Raven Henderson. Part of our Clement Kids program, Raven has been working with the Anne Elizabeth Shepherd Group Home girls once a week since January. It has been a beautiful transformation for these girls as they have learned how to express themselves through art. We wanted to learn more about Raven's inspirations and process in working with the girls...

Since 2012, Clement Arts has supported foster & adoptive families through the arts

Brad Griffith launched Clement Arts in 2012 as a means for artists, musicians, and writers to use their gifts to the glory of God and for the care of orphans. His family also pursues this cause through providing foster care to children. Brad practices writing in many forms, whether songs, poems, or blogs. He lives in Salem, AL with his wife and three children, the youngest of whom was adopted from foster care.

Patrick and Misty Faircloth are from Oklahoma, but they have been calling Columbus home since June 2015. They have one adult daughter whom they adopted as a teenager from the foster care system while Patrick was stationed in Oklahoma. They worship at Christ Community Church in Columbus where they have recently started a foster care ministry, Empowered to Foster. Patrick is a musician in the US Army and formerly was a public school band director, and he is currently in graduate school working on a degree in counseling. Misty is a former band director, now full-time college student again, working on a degree in diagnostic medical sonography. They are grandparents to an amazing two-year-old little boy and have been formally involved in foster care since 2010 when they became foster parents in Oklahoma.

We are excited to have Kwame Agyemang teaching our hip hop dance class for the spring 2017 semester! Kwame was born in Detroit, MI and moved to Columbus, GA with his family in 1990. He is professionally trained in hip hop and desires to proclaim the grace and truth of God by the Holy Spirit in all that he does, especially when it comes to hip hop choreography.

We are excited to have Gina Hurry join us this year for Poets, Painters, & Storytellers 2016. Gina is an artist from Birmingham, Alabama, who strives to reflect the heart of God through her art. We spoke with Gina about how God reveals Himself to her through painting and why she is excited to be a part of this event.

We were very excited to hear recently that Brandon and Ashley Greenway completed the adoption of their daughter, Lottie Kate. Clement Arts supported the Greenway adoption with our Parables kids concert in the fall of 2014. Since then, Brandon and Ashley had a long wait to be matched with a birth mother and child. We spoke with Ashley (and bio daughter, Lola) about the long-awaited adoption.

There are many ways to love people. There are many ways to serve others, to exercise the gifts you have been given, to invest in someone else’s life. At Clement Arts, we are called to serve children and their families. In particular, we are called to serve children who need families as well as the families in which they are embraced. We perform this service, in love, through the arts.