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We are praying that families who have experienced separation and brokenness will be
restored to a Biblical definition “above and beyond” where their family unit has ever been!

How can you step into someone else's story?

"Prior to each court appearance I pray not only for myself for Divine guidance but for everyone involved, especially the children who are directly impacted by my rulings that day."

Mentoring is an essential part of everyone's growth. This is especially true for at-risk youth and young adults.

How can you offer love, support, and resources to a child?

While I have worked in schools throughout Columbus, there has definitely been a common denominator and that is the need for the students to feel connected to someone who unconditionally loves and cares for them.

That one, unexpected phone call two years ago has impacted eternity and the Kingdom in countless ways

Learn what your church can do to help vulnerable children.

How one family received a forever home last Christmas

At Clement Arts, we are extra joyful this year!

Will you stand for the neglected, abused and abandoned in our community?

Read how one family received a surprise blessing last Christmas.

God created us to be together, with Him and with each other, and to know that we are loved.

Why we need the arts now more than ever

Picture a railroad track with parallel rails of grief and hope. We need both to move forward.

I share a few things I've learned that help me be a better support person to adoptive and foster families.

One of the fun aspects of becoming a transracial family is discovering new holidays pertaining to your child’s race or ethnicity.

We are moving one step closer to a day when there is more than enough for children and families before, during, and beyond foster care.

Seeking some community this summer? Join us at the playground!

Learn how one Family Advocacy Ministry is using technology to help provide essential life skills for teenagers.

How can you make a difference in the lives of adoptive and foster families?

Come shop and support artists who are making a difference in the lives of adoptive and foster families!

Learn about our campaign to have more than enough people to care for vulnerable children.

We've all had questions about what it's like to be a foster parent. Christal shares some etiquette about how to ask those questions.

Spring art classes for your budding artist are now available!