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When a Girl Breaks Your Heart

When a Girl Breaks Your Heart

When a girl breaks your heart, son,
you never forget her; soon enough,
you’ll see what I mean.

I remember how it happens –
She turns and smiles at you, pretty
surprising to your oblivious self.

There you were, chasing baseballs and
tiny, pixelated princesses, saving
your Friday nights for family TV.

Now you stare at her school photo
wondering what she’s doing
liking a boy like she sees in yours.

It never lasts long enough, you’ll see,
until she also wonders and leaves
you wounded in this strange new world.

We get here all by falling, and
there are no ladders; make very sure
you have a good reason to jump.

So forgive my tears of joy, son
mingled with your sorrow, tears
pouring from your first broken heart.

I remember how it happened –
She smiled at you, though scared,
unsure of her strange new world

she had fallen into; your arms
held her tenderly, this baby girl
who would soon hold your heart.

You would chase her, laughing
wildly, she would call your name
even when you weren’t there.

She made you mad, often those times
she was most like your sister,
you, her champion and friend.

Now you stare at her smile in photos,
wondering what she’s doing
with her fortunate new family,

wondering if she will keep calling
your name to the other side
of closed doors; you will call hers.

It never lasts long enough, you see,
or seems to in the end, when
you are left with “love you” and “goodbye”.

But it matters where you are
left, and how you got there, matters
who gave you the reason to jump –

It matters who made you want to fall
even though you knew you’d break –
It could have been many other girls.

So forgive me, son, it’s just that I am
so happy your heart was first broken
by a tiny princess.