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The NOMore Orphan Experience

Sunday, August 21, 2022
5:00 pm EDT
Christ Community Church
The NOMore Orphans Experience

What if you were the catalyst to solve the shortage of foster and adoptive families? It is estimated that there are 143 million orphans in the world today, close to 500,000 children in the US Foster Care System and that equates to thousands of children and families in communities all around us who are in need of support. The Church, moved to action, fueled by the love of Jesus, is a powerful force and together we can solve this crisis.

The NOMORE Orphans Experience is a 2-hour experience that can make a lifetime of impact. Whether it’s adopting, fostering, advocating, or supporting families caring for children, everyone in the audience will be given an opportunity to do something. Let this event be the spark to change the trajectory of lives in your community. Although the statistics may be staggering, the reality is that every number has a face, every face has a name, and every name has a story. Help change someone’s story today.