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Teen Life Skills Zoom Call

Saturday, November 14, 2020
1:00 pm EST3:00 pm EST

These interactive zoom calls are for children ages 14-21 who are currently enrolled in the ILP (Independent Living Program) through Muscogee County DFCS. Registration is required. For more information contact

This particular zoom session is specifically geared to young men. The topic is "Man of the House".
Videos and discussion will include:
1. Taking responsibility in your home
- How to properly clean & care for your home
- How to do basic yard care & use basic yard tools
- Sharing household responsibilities with your partner
2. Taking responsibility in your relationships
- Sharing responsibilities with your partner
3. Basic care of a child
- How to feed a baby
- How to burp a baby
- How to change a diaper
- How to engage a child in simple conversation/activities
- You're not the babysitter- if you're the father

These lessons will be taught by three men of different backgrounds and race:
Mark Gavin - Active Duty Soldier, Veteran, Husband, Father
Evan Darlington - Teacher, American Historian, Husband, Father
Brandon Brannigan - Lead Pastor, Veteran, Husband, Father