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Clement (adj): inclined to mercy

Clement Arts exists to make a difference in the lives of adoptive and foster families through gospel-centered support and creative experiences.
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Notebook & Easel: Clement Arts' Latest

"My foster care journey was not an easy one and I experienced numerous guardians that had more negative impact, further solidifying my own challenges with healthy attachment." In November, Discovery Connections had a soft launch to begin providing services in Columbus, Georgia to children, adolescents, individuals, and families impacted by trauma.

One way of acknowledging and learning about culture involves celebrating distinct characteristics about a group of people that make them unique - things like art, literature, cuisine, language, and more!

Here we are decades after my adoption, and that baby who was found by his forever family in the middle of a busy hair salon (me), now works in adoption/foster care by helping lead a child welfare bridging ministry called Promise686.