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Clement (adj): inclined to mercy

Clement Arts exists to encourage gospel-centered orphan care through the arts, enabling communities to support foster and adoptive families in their midst.
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Notebook & Easel: Clement Arts' Latest

The most common question for those presented with foster parenting is "why should I do it?" Why should I bring kids into my home only to have them leave, leaving my family heartbroken? Why should I bring children into my home that come with baggage and trauma? While these are all valid questions that one should certainly think through, here are 2 important reasons for fostering to know as you consider your next steps.

School’s out for summer, which means Clement Kids Summer Camps begin soon! We’re looking forward to a summer full of art, ballet, and drama - and we hope you are too! Learn more about our summer camps for 2019.

If someone would have asked me to define “orphan care” several years ago, I would have responded with one word. At that time in my life, it was easy to draw a straight line to the one thing that seemed like the obvious and only answer to the orphan care crisis: adoption. However, I’ve come to learn that there is so much more to orphan care than the one crucial piece of the puzzle found in adoption. For me, insight came by expanding my understanding of what it means to be an orphan.