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Adoption Resources

Adoption Support

Adoption Resources

The resource list below contains organizations that Clement Arts believes to be reputable and trustworthy, but it does not serve as an official endorsement or recommendation. We encourage those pursuing adoption to research the agency that has the strongest relationship with the country or US state from which you desire to adopt a child. Clement Arts partner organizations are indicated as such.

Adoption Agencies

  • Bethany Christian Services is a global nonprofit organization caring for orphans and vulnerable children on five continents. Bethany is recognized as a prominent leader in social services worldwide, and they are the largest adoption agency in the U.S. Founded in 1944, their mission calls them to demonstrate the love and compassion of Jesus Christ by protecting and enhancing the lives of children and families around the world.

  • Whether you are a birthmother or a prospective adoptive family, Lifeline can help you. They offer complete adoption services to birthparents, including counseling, housing, medical care, legal services,and the assurance that the baby will be placed with a Christian family. For the prospective adoptive family, they offer a complete range of professional services related to adopting a child.

  • Covenant Care Services is a state-licensed, non-profit Christian adoption and counseling agency founded in 1989 to provide services to birthmothers, children, and families. They are a domestic adoption agency working primarily with birthmothers and families in Georgia.

  • Consider AIS your own personal adoption professional who will walk with you every step of the way in your adoption journey. From finding the right adoption agency or attorney, to working with birth mothers in states with favorable adoption laws, they’ll be your guide and advocate. They provide direction and guidance regarding adoption procedures, legal issues and the home study process.

Adoption Support Organizations

  • Sound Choices Pregnancy Clinic offers medical services to women dealing with planned or unplanned pregnancy. They have been in operation since 1981 serving the Columbus/Phenix City and tri county area with help and positive options for unplanned pregnancies. Sound Choices understands an unplanned pregnancy test can cause fear, anxiety, stress, or excitement. They are here to help you as you process these emotions. Their services are free of charge, confidential, and available to anyone regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, income or religious affiliation.

  • Jeeah’s Hope is an adoption and foster care ministry serving the Chattahoochee Valley community. Their purpose is to be a voice for the fatherless and to encourage and support families’ call to adopt and foster children. They serve to provide a network for families called to this ministry and to extend God’s love to children in need.

  • Options 4 Adoption, Inc. is licensed in the State of Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee as a non-profit child placing agency. Our main focus is to help you with your paperwork both before and after your adoption. We are able to start and finish your paperwork in a timely manner as we are able to begin your home study as quickly as 48 hours after receipt of your application.

  • Our mission is to mobilize and serve churches and families to meet the needs of orphans and foster children, locally and abroad. Specifically, Promise686 is a ministry that assists families and churches who care for vulnerable children by providing financial assistance, community support, and adoptive and foster care related education. Promise686 strives to fulfill the promise that “God sets the lonely in families” (Psalm 68:6). Promise686 aids in international and domestic adoption though the provision of matching grants to qualifying families.

  • Both Hands mission is to fulfill James 1:27 by serving orphans, widows, and Christian adoptive families. Both Hands’ purpose is to help Christian adoptive families fund their adoptions by coordinating a service project fixing up a widow’s home. Both Hands’ vision is to see the day when finances are not an obstacle for Christian families who are led to adopt, while simultaneously serving every widow in need of home repairs.

  • Adoption Aid grants are the cornerstone of our work, and the original mission of our founders. One of the primary barriers standing between children and families is the cost associated with adoption. Show Hope grants help break down that cost, and have been a part of more than 5,500 children coming home.

  • While many Christian families have the desire to adopt and resources to care for a child, initial costs keep families from following God’s call to adoption. Lifesong for Orphans helps bridge the financial gap in adoption fundraising to help bring children home.