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The Ogden Family

The Ogden Family

Lance and Kristian live in Columbus, GA with their two sons, Brayden and Asher. God began to give them a heart for the fatherless in 2009, and they began their journey to adopt from India in January 2013. They planned to adopt two little girls, but on Valentines Day 2013, they were surprised to received a referral for three sisters, “K”(6), “K”(5) and “R”(2), who tragically lost their mother in late 2011. Lance and Kristian began the process of adopting these girls, but were devastated when they learned in September 2013 the children had been given to another family, and they were told to “move on”. The whole Ogden family prayed for God to return the girls to them, but that seemed impossible.

However, what is impossible with man is possible with God! In January 2014, the Lord answered the Ogdens’ prayers. The other family rejected the referral for the girls, and India automatically matched “K”, “K” and “R” with the Ogdens.