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The Sturgeon Family

The Sturgeon Family

Katie and Alex Sturgeon are public school teachers, Highland Tribe members, YoungLifers, and parents to Parker (3) and Fletcher (1). Alex and I (Katie) met on New Year’s Day 2012 and Alex would say he knew I was the one when he saw me poorly attempt to backwards skate that evening. Fast forward a year and some months and we were married at the dear ages of 21 and 22. Even then, adoption was part of our conversations, plans, and prayers. We were surprised with the pregnancy of our first son just seven months into marriage. After Parker’s arrival, we began to seriously discuss adoption and how we would like our family to look. We heard clearly God’s call to adopt but hadn’t heard when. We emailed a few agencies for information but ultimately decided to wait until we heard more from the Lord. While waiting, we lost a sweet baby through miscarriage and then welcomed our second son, Fletcher. Fletch was 6 months old when we felt God saying, “NOW!” We prayerfully began pursuing a domestic adoption through a faith-based agency. We are overwhelmed with JOY and GRATITUDE to be pursuing our littlest love with the support of Clement Arts.

The Sturgeon family was supported by Poets, Painters, & Storytellers 2018.