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Clement Art Classes

Clement Kids

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Draw from the Word: Bible Journaling (ages 8+)
Bible Journaling is a form of editorial illustration. Editorial Art is all about storytelling and this class focuses on creating illustrations from the Greatest Story Ever Told. Students will compose artwork while learning how to communicate through typography, composition, color theory, and yes ... illustration. We'll discuss parables, what we want our art to say, and how to effectively portray it in a complete piece of artwork. The process is one each student can carry into their quiet times of study for the rest of their lives. Bible Journaling helps artists bury the Word in their heart and the principles of Editorial Illustration help share that Word with others. Students will complete a new piece every two weeks.

Mixed Media 1 (ages 6-9)
In this class, we will introduce the elements of art and create a mixed media project applying the elements of art to our artwork. We will begin with an introduction to the elements, the building blocks of all art, then we will use a variety of art tools and techniques to create an incredible collage piece. 

Mixed Media 2 (ages 10-18)
One's artistic ability and self-worth in Christ often fight the same battles. We fall into cycles of comparison that lead us to judge ourselves, become deaf to encouraging words, and believe God's promises might not apply to us. Through artful worship our prayer is that each participant is empowered to study and hear the Word of God for themselves and express their uniqueness with various art mediums. Each week will build on the previous week’s class. We will spend some time in brush lettering, ink washes, watercolors, watercolor pencils, acrylics, collage, textures and finally combining all to create mixed media projects.

Color Theory (ages 6-9)
This course will include discussion on primary, secondary, tertiary, complementary, etc colors. Students will look at the color wheel and discuss color relationships, how to blend color using acrylic paint, what each color signifies, etc. Each student will create their own color wheel in a creative way by the end of the class demonstrating their knowledge of color relationships. Bonus project includes using transfer paper using only tints and shades of complimentary colors. 

Art Around the World (7+)
This class combines a deeper understanding of the world from a missions mindset and connects it by creating art from that region with a focus on how people around the world culturally create art.

Beginner Hand Stitching (ages 7+)
This class puts a modern spin on the basics of hand stitching. Kids ages 7 and up will learn a variety of hand stitching skills, including a running stitch, back stitch, whip stitch, crochet, and hopefully many more. They will learn how to make classic gifts for friends and family or explore how to layer their new skills into a bohemian style work of art. As the girls are discipled using the model of Lydia from scripture, we will work together to create pieces that they can choose to sell at the next clement arts adoption fundraiser to show them that even at their age they are more than able to create beautiful things as a blessing to themselves and others.

Advanced Hand Stitching (ages 7+)
In order to participate in this class you must have completed Hand Stitching 1 through Clement Kids, as these classes build on each other. In this class we will refine and enhance the techniques begun in HS1. We will learn additional stitches and create more intricate projects. This class will be adjusted as the students progress to include new hand sewing skills based on students interests and abilities.

Machine Sewing (ages 10-18)
Machine Sewing will provide an opportunity to learn and practice the skills and techniques needed to use a sewing machine. Basic sewing skills will be explored through the creation of a variety of hands-on projects. These basic sewing skills will serve as building blocks for projects of increasing difficulty. Benefits include enhanced creativity, self-esteem and problem-solving skills, increased sense of accomplishment and self-confidence, improved hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills through the use of the hands, and provides a social outlet where learners can gather with others who share the same interest.

Ceramics & Pottery (age 8-18)
Through this class, students will be given an introduction to working with clay as an artistic medium. Each weekly project will focus on a new skill and method of working with clay, including but not limited to coiling, slab building, hand forming, etc. Pieces made in class will be both bisque fired and glaze fired. This will allow each student to see his/her work begin as raw clay and culminate as finished, high-fired stoneware clay.

Sketching (ages 10-18)
These topics this course will cover are drawing what you see, shading, understanding light and shadow, using negative space, checking proportion, simplifying object, creating a composition, and bringing it all together.

Lettering & Sketchnotes (ages 10+)
This class is an introduction to visual note-taking for Sunday mornings and private devotions. Visual note-taking increases your engagement with and retention of the sermon, and makes you more likely to revisit your notes. We will start by learning the basics of Sermon Sketchnotes including: color, layout, doodling, text hierarchy and letter. Then we will unlock artful devotion (also known as Bible Journaling). We will cover how to study the Word for yourself to draw out life application, ways to share the Word with others all the while creating fun illustrations.

Watercolor (ages 9-13)
Learn the basics of watercolor and techniques like wet on wet and wet on dry. 

Photography & Graphic Design (ages 13-18)
Has taking photographs become a new hobby? Have you noticed how impactful the media has become to our world? Are you interested in seeing how the gospel relates to this? Then Image-Bearers will be a great start in your photographic pursuits. This class will include a balance of taking and interpreting photographs through prompts and challenges as well as working with photoshop to enhance how images are understood. Students will need to have access to a digital camera (smartphones are sufficient) as well as a laptop with photoshop to bring to class. Students who are enrolled in a public Muscogee County school should be able to access photoshop upon enrollment in this class (more details forthcoming).

Pinterest Class (ages 20+)
In this class, we will work to create amazing hand-made projects straight from Pinterest. If you have ever wanted to try creating some of the things you see but were either too intimidated or didn’t have the time to gather supplies and make it happen, this class is for you! Think of this class like a girls night out! We will laugh and spend time crafting together. You will leave with new skills and super cute projects that can spruce up your own home or get you ahead of the game with Christmas gifts. You can pick and choose which classes you attend and each class is $30.