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Clement Kids Drop and Refund Form

Clement Classes

Clement Classes Drop and Refund Policy
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Class Being Dropped

Let us know why your child is dropping this class. Please be as honest as you'd like as this gives us the opportunity to improve our classes and ministry to serve you best. We truly value the families we serve and we cannot correct what isn't brought to our attention.


Terms & Agreements

*This form must be completed and submitted for your child to be completely withdrawn from the class above. The registration fee that was paid upon registration is nonrefundable.

*If you paid for the semester up front then you will be refunded upon request for the classes that your child did not attend.

*I understand that I am withdrawing my child from the Clement Arts class listed above and am responsible for any payments for the class through the week of classes that this form is submitted. Ex: If this form is submitted on Wednesday, September 13 and your child’s class is on Thursdays, then you will be responsible for payment for classes through that week, Thursday, September 14.

Waiver Consent