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Kingdom Martial Arts

Clement Classes

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Tiny Champions Program (Ages 3-4)
This program will develop gross motor skills, basic martial arts technique, and social skills through play. Basic attention and concentration will be developed as we have a TON of fun and provide a safe environment for your young martial artist to grow!

Little Champions Program (Ages 5-7)
This program lays a foundation in the martial arts and develops essential character traits for success. Martial Arts skills are broken down into simple and easily trainable concepts for this age group and are reinforced through fun drills.

Youth Program (Ages 8-12)
This program initiates your martial artist onto the journey to achieve their black belt. There is a higher degree of attention to detail and students are encouraged to train their skills at home as well as in class.

Black Belt Program (Ages 13-17)
This program builds servant leadership character and skills through our martial arts curriculum for the future leaders of the world and Christ’s Church. While on the journey to achieve their Black Belt, these young adults will be given leadership challenges and principles to refine their ability to handle responsibility.