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Clement (adj): inclined to mercy

Clement Arts exists to encourage gospel-centered orphan care through the arts, enabling communities to support foster and adoptive families in their midst.
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Notebook & Easel: Clement Arts' Latest

HOPE Foster Care knows that many obstacles can come between you and your foster parent license, so they are paving an easier path!
HOPE is eliminating obstacles by coming directly to you through Mobile IMPACT. Learn more about this opportunity exclusive to our area.

Clement Arts is excited to announce Christal Gavin as our new Clement Care Director beginning August 2019. Learn more about Christal, her family, and what she brings to her new role with Clement Arts.

Leigh is a birth mother who entrusted her son, Harris, to his parents 3 years ago through private infant adoption. She graciously opened up about parts of her adoption journey in hopes that others would be encouraged, educated, and prompted to show grace to members of every part of the adoption triad (adoptive parent, child, birth parent).