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Clement (adj): inclined to mercy

Clement Arts exists to encourage gospel-centered orphan care through the arts, enabling communities to support foster and adoptive families in their midst.
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Notebook & Easel: Clement Arts' Latest

Join us on November 10, 2019 for Stand & Orphan Sunday. On this day, across the nation, churches and individuals will stand for the fatherless—for orphans and children in foster care.

At the core of our Christian walk is our call to help take care of the lost, homeless, hurting, widowed, and fatherless. Not all of us have physically walked this path, but many have walked it aside friends, and many walk it through prayer and awareness support. Though we may not all be called to open our homes to children young and old, we are all commanded to love and care for those in need. It is at the core of our Christian walk: love thy neighbor as yourself; care for the lost, the hurting, the fatherless.

This is why care teams exist. To surround and support weary foster families. To provide tangible support that benefits the children in foster care and those lovingly caring for them.