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Clement (adj): inclined to mercy

Clement Arts exists to encourage gospel-centered orphan care through the arts, enabling communities to support foster and adoptive families in their midst.
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Notebook & Easel: Clement Arts' Latest

We asked a few of our Clement Kids parents and class instructors to share their experiences with us. We love their responses and the impact the Clement Kids program is making in the lives of children! Read the Q&A below to hear what they had to say.

Learn more about the impact Clement Arts is having, why your partnership matters, and the great prizes we're giving away all throughout the month of May!

Clement Arts is blessed to have talented and caring art teachers such as Raven Henderson. Part of our Clement Kids program, Raven has been working with the Anne Elizabeth Shepherd Group Home girls once a week since January. It has been a beautiful transformation for these girls as they have learned how to express themselves through art. We wanted to learn more about Raven's inspirations and process in working with the girls...